Preparing Your Car For The Winter

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Driving in inclement winter weather can be dangerous if you aren’t prepared. However, you need to do more than stock your car with basic necessities for an emergency. You need to prepare your car for the winter weather too. If your vehicle is prepared for winter weather, it’s less likely that you’ll encounter any major issues. Learn more about how you can prepare your car for the cold weather.  Get Your Oil Changed It’s possible for cold weather to make the oil in your car thicker, and when this happens, it’s more difficult for oil to flow through your engine properly when you start your car. In order to keep your car running well, you need to get the oil changed on a regular basis. If you’re unsure how frequently you should have the oil changed in the winter, look in the owner’s manual for your vehicle for the recommended mile range for oil changes, and have the oil changed when your car reaches the mileage at the low end of the range. Also, when you take your car in for an oil change, ask the mechanic to use winter-weight motor oil, which is a thinner consistency. Check the Tread on Your Tires It’s hard to come to a complete stop on snowy or icy roads if your tires are bald, so you need to make sure the tires have enough tread. Your tires are considered legally “bald” if they have less than 2/32 inches of tread on them. However, if the area that you live in is prone to snowy and icy road conditions, you should start tire shopping when your tire tread is less than 5/32 inches deep. You can check the depth of your tire tread by inserting the pin of a tire tread depth gauge into the shallowest groove on your tire, and reading the measurement on the gauge once the base of the gauge is flush with the tire. Other Considerations It’s also important to make sure your car’s heater and defroster are in proper working order. Not only does this make it easier to remove snow and ice from your car, but a properly working heater will keep you comfortable while driving. If possible, you should consider having a remote starter installed (by professionals such as Century Sound Sales & Service) on your vehicle. A remote starter allows you to start your vehicle from a remote location. So, you can start the car and let it warm up before you venture out into the cold weather. Additionally, you should make sure you have any cracks or chips in your windshield replaced so the cold weather doesn’t make them worse, and replace your windshield wiper blades with blades that are designed for winter weather. Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to prepare your car for cold weather, and chances are, you’ll be glad you did. Preparing your car for the cold winter weather helps you avoid major car problems that can occur from the bitter cold, as well as makes it easier for you travel in cold...

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5 Cool Gadgets All New Parents Should Own

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Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend, relative, co-worker or even yourself, there are a few must-have gifts that every new parent would love to receive. Remember when shopping for new parents that the last 9 months have been all about baby, so it may be a good idea to get them something that will make them feel special and make their soon-to-be hectic life just a little bit easier. Gadgets are a great way to kill two birds with one stone and give the gift of style and convenience to your loved ones. Portable Speakers Everyone enjoys the opportunity to listen to music while they’re doing chores around the house. New parents will love the chance to take their music with them throughout the house and when they take the baby out for a stroll. There are even certain speakers that can attach to the treadmill so that your friends can rock out while they work out. Bottle Warmer Multi-tasking is about to become the newest hobby for the new parent in your life. Between diaper changes, washing laundry, feeding themselves and tidying the home it can be hard to keep fresh bottles ready to go. With the help of a handy bottle warming gadget, new parents can always be prepared for meal time. Remote Car Starter Car starters from a retailer like Aero Car Parts auto accessories aren’t just for those cold winter mornings when you don’t feel like scraping the windshield. They can actually be a great time saver no matter the season and make it especially easy to keep the day flowing smoothly for new parents. Car Baby Monitor Parents use baby monitors in the nursery, so why not take that technology along in the car? Because infant car seats position the baby facing towards their seat and not their parents, long road trips can be a bit tricky for worried parents. Car baby monitors help new parents avoid numerous dangerous head turns while driving with the help of a camera that allows them to see what baby is up to.  Bottle Cooler Spoiled formula or milk is not something a new parent wants to deal with when they’ve got a hungry baby to care for. Luckily, there’s a way to keep those precious bottles cool and ready for use wherever new parents must go. Many portable bottle coolers can store anywhere from 2 to 6 baby bottles easily, keeping them at a safe temperature for...

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Beat the Heat: The Four Advantages of Tinting Your Home’s Windows

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There are many ways that you can escape the summer heat this year, but not many homeowners think of tinting their home’s windows. Most believe that tinting is only for their vehicles, but tinting your home’s windows can actually be a great way to beat the heat. Here are four advantages of doing this: Cut Cooling Costs: One problem many homeowners experience during the summer is the fact that their energy costs skyrocket due to them using their air conditioning throughout most of the day. With window tinting, your home will stay cooler, which will allow you to cut the amount of time that you feel the need to use the AC. The tint on the windows will help to deflect the harsh UV rays, which in turn is going to prevent your home from heating up as quickly.  Reduce Glare: Glare from the sun is something that can happen all year long, which is not only an annoyance but can also cause damage to your home’s flooring and furniture. The glare can cause flooring and furniture to become dull. The annoying thing about the glare is that it can prevent you from enjoying your favorite television show that comes on in the afternoon, as well as limit the places in your home where you can use your laptop or computer.  Provides Protection: Window tinting is not only going to protect you from the harsh rays of the sun, but it can also help protect you from break-ins. This is because the tint provides an extra layer to the windows that make them stronger and less likely to break. This can also help you save money on replacement windows. More Affordable Than Replacement Windows: Many homeowners who have older windows that don’t provide any kind of insulation consider replacing their windows before any other option. By providing tinting to your existing windows, you can save a good amount of money while still helping to make your home cool and safe.  By knowing some of the advantages of window tinting, you can better understand why it may be a great solution for beating the heat this summer. Be sure that you choose the best professionals for window tinting to ensure that you take full advantage of the many benefits of window tinting. You won’t want to have to deal with the tint from peeling over time. Professionals like Icon Tinting & Graphics will ensure that this doesn’t...

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