Tips For Choosing And Caring For Sliding Tarps

If you're getting ready to purchase sliding tarp systems for your fleet of cargo trucks, it's important to protect that investment. Like any other cargo cover, these tarps need proper attention to keep them in good shape. Here are a few tips that will help you and your drivers to preserve the tarps and ensure that you get the most for your money.

Choose The Right Material

You'll find tarp covers made with all types of materials, from mesh and vinyl to thick canvas. Avoid the thin construction materials because they can be vulnerable to damage. Instead, choose either the thicker canvas style tarps or even reinforced vinyl. Waterproofed canvas or vinyl would be a great option because each material is protected against moisture damage.

Protect The Tarps From Weather

There are two types of weather that can be particularly damaging to your tarps. Excessive sunlight can cause drying and cracking in addition to fading. You can avoid this by treating the tarps with a moisturizing oil or polish that's designed to not only seal in moisture but also protect against the sun's rays.

In addition to sunlight, there's also winter weather to worry about. Snow accumulation on tarp systems can be a serious problem, because snow can be extremely heavy. This weight accumulation on the tarps can stretch them or actually weaken the fibers in the stitching, potentially causing significant damage. Make sure that your tarps are brushed off periodically during any snow storms to avoid accumulation.

Keep The Tarps Clean

Once a week, you should ensure that the tarps are cleaned to avoid any permanent staining or other damage due to dirt and debris. You can use a tarp cleaner designed specifically for the material you've selected, or you can use a mixture of a degreasing dish detergent and water. Just make sure that the tarps stay outstretched until they are completely dry. Rolling them up while they are still damp can encourage mold growth, which will weaken the integrity of the material and may even pose a health hazard.

With the right preparation, care, and maintenance, your sliding tarp systems can be a great investment for your fleet. You won't have to worry about the liability of flyaway cargo on the highways, your cargo will be protected from the elements, and you can ensure privacy for your clients. Talk with a local tarp supplier about the options for sliding tarp systems for your trucks. For more information, contact a business such as Glider Systems Inc.