Why Get Car Floor Mats?

When you go into an auto parts shop for fluids or other supplies, without fail you'll see floor mats sitting there. You may not like overspending for car accessories that aren't needed, so why might you get floor mats other than that the old ones were destroyed?

1-You Don't Have Them

Contrary to what most people think they believe, not all vehicles are equipped with mats. Pre-owned cars will generally have paper mats emblazoned with the dealership logo, but at times very new sportscars and sedans simply omit them. Therefore, ensuring carpets aren't stained with debris is only possible when someone buys their own mats to protect those floor carpets.

2-You Prefer Manufacturer Pieces

If you've purchased a used Corvette or another major brand or model, the previous owner may have placed random mats in the vehicle. Going directly to the manufacturer for new rubber mats is a way to make your car look cooler. Not only that, but you're likely to also get better matching with car carpets when you work through the manufacturer for new Corvette floor mats. 

3-Existing Ones Have Poor Slip Resistance

If you notice that your feet are sliding all over the place because mats won't remain settled, that can feel unsafe or bothersome. Slip-resistant replacements are available so your feet will stay where you put them during driving.

4-Constant Driving is Wearing Down Current Mats

One issue which necessitates frequent mat purchases is that you drive much more than other people. For example, if you're in traffic an hour or more a day, your feet may be working the pedals constantly. When you look at the mat, your heels may have rubbed down the mat so much over the weeks that there's a hole right where your heel usually goes. Having the ability to replace mats easily and regularly can help. In such cases, it's probably best to get aftermarket mats due to cost.

If you're driving more because you're using your sports car on drag or racing tracks, you'll need to feel confident that the mats won't interfere with your fast driving. For that reason, you may opt for replacement mats. In this case, however, you might feel better about Corvette floor mats or those made by your particular manufacturer. Knowing that the mats are custom-fit for the car and unlikely to cause problems, you may feel fine about such purchases.

Mats serve many purposes. Examine your own needs and consider changing out mats to experiences the benefits of new pieces.